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We are experts in pre-analysis - so called predictions - for football games and Live Match Reporting in Real Time. We offer all interested customers in sportsbet business professional football previews for soccer games all around the world. But here you are not only on the right place, when you need a football preview or prediction. Except soccer predictions (football previews) we also have a wide range of services - not only in sportsbet business - for other sports like the live match reporting in real-time or odds checks.


Our sportsbet soccer predictions are all "handmade", we do not use any software for a prediction. We concentrate in an analysis on the main things that are important for a game, like the mood and motivation of a team or the line-up problems, because this is in our view important in a pre-analysis of a sports game! With our excellent worldwide network of football and sportsbet experts we are able to offer perfect soccer predictions, football previews and live match reportings for soccer matches from Azerbaijan, Belgium and Cyprus over England, France and Germany till Xanthi, Yerevan and Zürich!

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Season Prediction Offer:

We offer you special packages with complete Season Previews for the most of the Leagues worldwide. In those previews you get for each team of the respective league (like the English Premiership, the German Bundesliga or the Scotland Premier League) a detailed prediction with an overview of the expectations for the new season. The prediction package includes for each team an analysis about their expected strength in relation to their team squad changes, a detailed analysis about each of the player, about the playing system, about their performances in the friendly matches and a general rating of the team. Also you get for the Leagues a prediction about the season standings in the end. The special package is available for each league around one week before the season starts. Contact our general support for more information!

Special Soccer Prediction Offer

With our latest offer you get at least 60 free short previews within a year. Also we give a winning guarantee with our predictions! With our special offer you get automatically by e-mail more than once a week a prediction or analysis from us with that you will have an advantage against the most sportsbet companies who work without detailed previews. Because of our guarantee you take no risk when you order our special offer  with the football previews, soccer predictions and analysis! 

Previews and Prediction offer

We offer for our customers two different kinds of predictions: Short previews and XXL-Previews. You can order from us just football previews or an pre-analysis (or prediction) for single matches or making long-termed contracts for a special country, competition or league. Also you can order a prediction "flatrate". With this flatrate you receive automatically ALL previews that you want. A short prediction just consists of the most important facts before a match in keywords. If you order a XXL Prediction from us, you get a detailed prediction analysis with all needed information about a match.

Complementary Service Recommendations

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